Experiential Leadership Programmes

We offer four very different programmes, each of which can be tailored to fit your specific needs and priorities

Mission Possible

Establishing a mission, vision and set of values for your organisation
It’s not only important that you have a strong story to tell. You must also ensure that everybody in your business embraces, understands and ‘lives’ it. When you participate in this programme, you will come away with:
  • A prioritised values chart
  • Personalised statements of your vision, mission and goals
  • Specific strategies and action plans to move forward
  • Mission Possible is perfectly suited to organisations going through a period of transition and change or for businesses looking to review their existing vision and objectives. It provides a perfect environment in which to develop a clear set of values and identify a meaningful mission and vision.

    On Thin Ice

    Leading teams through challenging times
    The pressures facing teams are often intense. And in the modern world, the members can frequently be dispersed geographically and interacting virtually, meaning that cohesion can more easily break down. Very soon, everybody is stuck ‘on thin ice’. In this session, we simulate an expedition to the Antarctic to explore the effects of pressure on a closely-knit group of colleagues. It’s a superb opportunity for team building and personal development. When you participate in this programme, you will come away with:
  • The ICE strategy – identifying needs and planning; communicating and clarifying and evaluating
  • A visual map of your team’s communication pattern
  • A framework for better communication
  • On Thin ICE ™ is a dramatic and participative event – perfect for teams that want to understand and improve their dynamics or streamline communications.

    Who Killed Creativity?

    Exploring how creativity can flourish within your organisation
    Exploring how creativity can flourish within your organisation. When industry leaders are surveyed, they recognise the critical importance of creative thinking in driving their business. But evidence points to a decline in creativity over the past decade. This session is designed to foster the innovation and culture of continual improvement that is so essential to future success. When you participate in this programme, you will come away with:
  • An understanding of how to develop and nurture creative thinking
  • The capacity to generate practical solutions quickly
  • A clear idea of the obstacles to creativity in individuals, teams and organisations
  • Appreciation of the roles different people play in fostering a creative culture
  • Who Killed Creativity? is structured around an interactive board game, focusing on a crime investigation scene. As a result, it is highly interactive and ideal for stimulating creative problem solving in both individuals and teams.

    Leadership Style Profiling: Dynamic Interaction

    Clarify your leadership style to shape the performance goals of you and your organisation
    Research shows us that when you understand yourself and your leadership style, you’re in a better position to meet the demands of new situations and challenges. What’s more, heterogeneous teams – with a range of different behavioural, thinking and learning styles – will often be more effective and creative in their problem solving. In this session, we make use of DiSC® - the leading personal assessment tool – to promote personal and organisational success. When you participate in this programme, you will come away with:
  • Greater self-awareness and improved self-management
  • A personalised DiSC® profile
  • An individualised behaviour management strategy
  • A template for assessing appropriate communication strategies that are matched to profiles
  • This programme is designed for individuals and teams who want to maximise effectiveness and is particularly well suited to businesses going through changes such as mergers, acquisitions and repositioning.